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How It Works

Please make sure you are installing the correct APP before backing up.

If you don't know which App you should download, please scan the barcode on the package or check out the wording on the accessory. Qubii APP is only for Qubii. Qubii Pro App is only available for Qubii Pro.

1.    Please insert the microSD memory card into Qubii. The capacity of the microSD card should be greater than the capacity of your iPhone.

* If your microSD card is 32GB or 64GB, our app will help you to convert your microSD card to exFAT format in order to store individual files much larger than 4GB.


* The microSD card is not included in the package.

2.    Connect Qubii’s USB port into your Apple 5W USB power adapter.

3.    Connect the Apple Lightning-to-USB cable to both Qubii’s USB slot and the iPhone device.

* Please note that Qubii only works when it is connected to power. It is always best to work with Apple MFi-certified cables.

4.    When you have connected Qubii to your iPhone, you will be prompted to install the Qubii App. If not, scan the QR code and download the Qubii App from Apple’s App Store.

5.    Launch the Qubii App and follow the SETTINGS instructions. You are now ready to backup your iPhone.


Q: How does Qubii work?

A: Insert your own (preferred capacity) microSD card into Qubii’s microSD slot, and plug Qubii into Apple 5W power adapter. Connect your iPhone to Qubii™ via the Lightning cable. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the companion App and follow the setup tutorial steps. The backup will begin at the tutorial’s end.


Q: Why do I have to format my memory card to use Qubii™ the first time? 

A: The default file system on a retail 32GB microSD card is FAT32, which has a file size limitation of 4GB. This is problematic because iPhone videos nowadays are quite often larger than 4GB because of 4K resolution images and videos. To make sure all of your videos get backed up, the Qubii™ App will detect the file system of your memory card and help you format it into exFAT, the new standard that allows large file size. Because of the need to reformat, please make sure to save any important data on your microSD card elsewhere before you use it with Qubii™.


Q: What sort of data can I backup from my iPhone? 

A: Every time you charge your iPhone, Qubii™ backs up new photos, videos, contacts, and data downloaded from your Facebook/Instagram accounts. Each new backup will only include new items (incremental backup), saving time and space from needless duplications.


Q: Can you backup photos even if they’re already uploaded to the iCloud photo library? 

A: Yes, just turn on “Backup iCloud contents” under Settings | Backup Items. Once it is turned on, the next backup will include items on iCloud by downloading the original data to your microSD memory card (as long as Wi-Fi is available). If you’re not sure how many items were uploaded to iCloud, you can find this information under Settings | Backup Information. It is listed under “Incomplete on iCloud” followed with the number of items that still need to be downloaded.


Q: What else can I do with Qubii™ except backup? 

A: Qubii™ also doubles as a standard memory card reader for any computer with a USB port. Additionally, Qubii lets you save photos and take them to a print service shop or even watch videos taken from a GoPro or Dash Cam.


Q: Does Qubii™ backup photos from any iPhone that is plugged into it?

A: Nope, it doesn’t. Each Qubii™ is built with an Infineon security IC chip for authentication. When an iPhone connects to Qubii for the first time, you’ll be asked for permission to backup. Automatic backup will only take place when the Qubii is a trusted device. An iPhone without trust will not start automatic backup during charging.


Q: Does the backup keep all the original dates of my photos and videos? Or does it modify them with the date of the backup? 

A: Qubii™ always keeps a photo’s original data without modifying its quality and information. You can even browse photos or videos by Year / Month / Day.


Q: Can I use Qubii™ with multiple iPhones or iPads? Does the data get mixed up together?

A: When being used with different devices, Qubii™ creates different folders for each device. This way all backups are separated into individual folder names, making keeping them separate from one another as simple as possible.


Q: Once the backup is complete, are photos deleted off of my microSD memory card when I delete them from my iPhone? 

A: Nope! We never delete anything on your memory card without your express permission.


Q: Can I transfer the backup data to another iPhone? 

A: Of course! Qubii™ is designed for simple backup and restore. Just select the backup folder to restore from, and you’re done! Quick and simple.


Q: What is the maximum capacity microSD memory card that Qubii™ supports?

A: Qubii™ works like any standard card reader. Any capacity within microSD SDXC standards should be supported. Even the newer 400GB microSD cards work fine. Choose and buy whatever capacity meets your needs and the App will let you know when it’s full. 

Switching to a new card doesn’t duplicate the backup. Instead, Qubii™ remembers where to pick up from the last memory card. Qubii supports microSD formats and standards from all brands, including SDXC and SDHC. 

microSD capacity calculations: 

  • 64GB is equal to around 34,000 photos or 80 hours of video
  • 128GB is equal to around 68,000 photos or 160 hours of video

(The numbers may vary depending on image resolution and format)


Q: What happens when the memory card is full? Does the backup start all over again? 

A: The free Qubii™ App notifies you when your memory card is full. Switching to a new card doesn’t duplicate the backup, instead Qubii remembers where it left off and picks back up from there.


Q: Can I use other Apps or make phone calls while the automatic backup is running? 

A: Yes, of course! Qubii™ will do its work in the background. So, keep texting your friends, playing games or even live broadcasting on Instagram.


Q: How do I use Qubii™ when I am away from home? 

A: Apart from Apple 5W power adapter, Qubii™ can also work when powered with a power bank.


Q: Is my iPhone compatible with Qubii™? 

A: Qubii™ is compatible with the following iOS devices: 

  • iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch), iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad (4th generation) 

System requirement: iOS 10 or newer


Q: Where is Qubii™ manufactured? 

A: Qubii™ is designed and made in Taiwan at the same manufacturing facility where Giant, Nokia & Gogoro produce their fine quality products.


Q: How long is Qubii’s warranty? 

A: Qubii™ comes with a one-year warranty.