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Maktar Inc. started in 2014 with one primary objective: “Create products that people would love and we would use ourselves.”  We provide innovative backup solutions for smartphones and successfully launched our products in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and European countries.

Let Tech Fit into Your Life

Make everything simple. Our design concept is allows user who are not tech savvy can simply use our product to solve their needs. 

Apple MFi Expert

Maktar® is an Apple-certified MFi developer. Apple's MFi Program ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. This unique certification puts Maktar® in the 'rarified air' space of Apple developers. 

Our eccentric team has experience in a wide variety of industries and is comprised of designers, software and hardware engineers and MFi specialists. Most importantly, we are Apple fans!

We are a passionate bunch that remain focused on creating cool, innovative hardware and software that impacts how consumers use technology.

Everything Started From the Journey in Japan.

Few years ago, Mactaris, the founder of Maktar Inc, traveled in Japan with his wife and friends. One of their friends, a new parents, her cell phone pop-up a message said "Cannot take photos", it means her iPhone storage is almost full while she took photos.

As a software developer with over 25 years experience who started to use Apple from Apple II, Mactaris was asked by his friend,『As an engineer, you must have some good solution to solve my storage issue!』

Then, Maktar Inc. started from here.

『 Piconizer 1』Launched

We initially raised over $64,709 from 469 Kickstarter backers (from a goal of $50,000), who pledged to help bring this project to life. And now, over 60,000+ Piconizer™ have been delivered and are now operational in homes, pockets and iPhones across the globe!

Founder Got invited to Apple Headquarter 

In March 2015, with the help by backer founder, Maktar launched the first crowdfunding campaign, Piconizer 1, in Taiwan.

In 45 days, there were more than 10 thousands people support the  campaign and pledged more than 60 millions NTD in Taiwan.

Our creative idea attracted the attention by APP while the campaign received the big hit. Therefore, we were invited to the Apple headquarter to demo our product. >> Learned More

Piconizer 2

In August 2017, we launched Piconizer 2.

With brand new app interface and new feature to backup social media feature, Piconizer 2 offer more benefit to satisfied customers' needs.

Piconizer 2 even won the 100 I.T Innovative Elite in 2017.




In May 2018, we launched the world's first innovative accessory 『 Qubii 』 which can help user backup iPhone data automatically while charging.

The creative idea of Qubii kicked off the pain points, people never have to remember they have to backup.

Within one year, Qubii sales more than 10 thousands worldwide, which includes Hong Kong, Japan, the USA. Qubii‘ s sales record had even boarded accessory leaderboard on Japan Rakuten. 


Company Name: Maktar Inc. 民傑資科股份有限公司

Founder: Mactaris 

Founded in 2014

Location: 台灣新北市新莊區中央路736號14樓