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Does this sound like you?

Running out of space on your iPhone or iPad? The exist backup solutions available to you are so frustrating, they end up being unusable. Or maybe you are just too lazy to backup? 

Qubii - Keeping Memories Safe

Effortlessly backup your phone when it charge.

Always be in control of your storage.

Never Worry about Losing Photos.

Never worry about losing access to your Instagram photos or Facebook albums from hackers or other unfortunate events - just set it once, plug in to charge, and Qubii will automatically backup your social media and photos with no duplications!   

Check the video below to see how Qubii works.

Be Free of Monthly Fees

We hate getting bogged down by monthly fees - especially when we don't  use all the storage! iPhone payments, AppleCare, and phone/data bills add up every month!


With Qubii, you will only pay for what you use. Just choose your microSD card size, and replace when needed. Pay once and use it for all purpose.

Easily Transfer Across Devices


Getting pictures from iPhone to PCs is notoriously time consuming and frustrating...but not with Qubii! Just connec Qubii to your laptop like a regular USB stick - it's that simple.


Qubii can be also be used with microSD cards from GoPro, Drones, and Dashboard Cams!  



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What's the difference between Qubii & Qubii Pro?

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Available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA, Thailand, UK.

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