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With no extra steps
Backup starts automatically while charging the phone. 
Fully Automatic, Charging = Backup
Everyday when charging your phone, it makes a backup of all important data on your phone. Save Photos, Videos, Contacts all at once.  It even downloads media assets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from your account.
Taking a good rest. Qubii does all the heavy lifting.
People charge their phones before going to bed. This is when Qubii starts working in a smart way. It compares with previous backup record, and only backs up newly added photos and videos. No duplicated data would be saved.  

The size of Qubii is like a marshmallow.  It fits perfectly between Apple 5W charger and the Lightning Cable. Its portability and functionality makes it a great travel companion.  

Upgrade your Charger in 3 Steps


1.Install memory card properly on Qubii

2.Combine Qubii with the charger 

3/Connect it to your Phone with a cable

Simple as it is, friendly to any ages. 
The secret to Qubii’s automatic backup.
Backup doesn’t stop while calling or using other Apps
Dual-Core chipsets
It is well developed under Apple’s MFi program that enables Charge & Transfer with its “USB Role Switch” technology which is patented in Taiwan, U.S. and other countries. 
Backup in the background
The first App-Accessory that works while making calls, browse websites and playing games. Qubii quietly works in the background with ZIT (Zero Interfering Technology), without having to switch between Apps. 
A Must Have Accessory for iPhone
Qubii saves your precious photo and video for you on daily basis. Let Qubii worry about “Backup”, and enjoy taking new photos on the journey. 
Do you know some fun fact that..
  • 30% of people never backup their data
  • Average 113 phones got stolen or lost per minute through out the world 
  • 29% of data disasters caused by accident
There always a price to pay for FREE Services
You thought Facebook and Google are free ?    You are actually giving them your privacy information in exchange for the “FREE Service”.
iCloud is pricy
  • You pay for RM479/year to fully backup a 256GB iPhone
  • Anytime you want to stop using it. You need a iPhone with capacity larger than your data to download everything back. 
No monthly fee, No limitation
Create your personal iPhone backup at home
The size of a marshmallow, the function of a data center 
  • Photo browsing on Qubii is managed in Year/Month/Days
  • Automatic Backup / Quick Restore
  • Smart backup options
  • Capacity display and notifications
Moving to a new phone will no longer be painful 
Only a few steps, Qubii App will lead you to restore backup to your new phone. Make a coffee, and watch a movie. You new phone shall be ready in no time.
Smart Backup Options
Customizing the backup in the way you wanted. You may turn on or off items like Contacts, Facebook, Instagram. And set postponed start with your preference. Building your own backup scenario is easy.
Interchangeable memory card with
Unlimited expansion 
Qubii is designed to work with microSD as storage media, with no capacity limitation in SDXC format. The App reminds you of a full card, and change it with a new one will continue where you left off from previous backup.